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Teardrop Body Support Pillow – Ensure Proper Body Position for Sleep

In need of relief from neck pain, back pain, restlessness or sleep deprivation? Searching for the ultimate healthy sleep experience? Looking to improve your quality of life? Step 1: Ensure proper body position during sleep. Teardrop Body Support Pillows advance sleep comfort AND spinal alignment to a new level. Two vital health benefits in an easy-to-use body pillow. The result is a deep, revitalizing sleep.

Sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, back and neck pain all result in stress, poor performance, dissatisfaction, poor health, poor relationships, and even automobile and transportation accidents. Sleep position comfort lends to a deep sleep, yet is one of the most overlooked and under-discussed health habits that we each control in our daily (nightly) lives.

People have been trained to seek out custom neck pillows to maximize sleep, but neck pillows work only when the body below is neutral. If you are serious about sleep and health, Teardrop Body Support Pillows easily fill your neutral body sleep support needs.

The anatomic design (rounded pillow end + V-shaped pillow end) of Teardrop Body Support Pillows provides users with both a deep, revitalizing sleep AND the guarantee of improved  alignment & spinal health. Designed tediously by a spinal care specialist, our 60-day ‘no-questions-asked’ return policy means you can try it ANYTIME… risk free. 

If you are a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a back sleep snorer, Teardrop Body Support Pillows are designed with you in mind!

The stomach sleeping position is the least recommended sleep position by health care professionals
Poor – Stomach Sleep Position
The staggered sleep position is unique to Teardrop Body Support Pillows allowing better spinal alignment & grounded stomach feel.
Better – Staggered Position
The side sleeping position is the best sleep position recommended by chiropractors and is supported by Teardrop Body Support Pillows
Best – Side Sleeping Position

Teardrop Pillow 60 day money back guarantee

We have never been taught about proper sleep & sleep positions, yet it is one of our most important and basic personal health tools

Each individual adapts to his or her sleep habits. When your sleep habits are imbalanced, your body becomes imbalanced. There’s no way around it. You invite back pain, neck pain, headaches, sleep deprivation & poor health into your life.

Teardrop Body Support Pillows address the habit of a balanced sleep position. Once you experience the joy of a neutral nightly sleep, you’ll never ignore it again.

Please roam our site and learn why side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back snorers alike benefit instantly from – and rave about – the deep sleep comfort & design of Teardrop Body Support Pillows! Click any link below to start learning, feeling better and becoming more healthy…


All Teardrop Body Support Pillows come with a 60-day money back guarantee so you and your loved ones can experience them risk free.

Teardrop Body Support Pillows are made of light weight viscoelastic memory foam and are currently available in 2 sizes:
Order 6″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (cream) for users 5’9″ or less
Order 7″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (blue) for users taller than 5’9″

Teardrop Body Support Pillows
Teardrop Body Support Pillows

Dr. Terry Zachary searched for nearly 10 years, without success, to find a practical pillow design that would accomplish two goals for patients in his practice:

Teardrop body support pillow developer, Dr. Terry Zachary
Teardrop Body Support Pillow Developer – Dr. Terry Zachary

1. Properly support their spine neutrally during side sleep.
2. Give stomach sleepers a solution to comfortably move them off their stomach for better spinal alignment & breathing quality during sleep.

So he created it! You can now benefit directly from Dr. Zachary’s Teardrop Body Support Pillow design & experience the feel of deep, healthy, revitalizing – and neutral – sleep.Teardrop Pillow 60 day money back guarantee