Anti Snore Pillow Comfortably Changes Sleep Position

The back sleeping position is a recommended sleep position by health care professionals for body alignment. Unfortunately, it also allows for migration of the base of the tongue and soft palate backward, resulting in an increased obstruction of the throat. For anyone who may already be at risk for obstructive sleep apnea, the back sleep position can cause the sleep apnea, snoring and/or eventually sleep deprivation (for yourself & your partner). An anti snore pillow is essential to keep back snorers off of their back, resulting in better sleep – and relief for all.

You know what we mean if you are – or sleep with – a back snorer.

In many cases, a change of sleep position is all that is required. Teardrop Body Support Pillows are wonderful anti snore pillows, allowing the back snorer to make a fast, easy and comfortable position change, resulting in better, healthier, deeper sleep… for everyone! Because sleep is one of the main daily personal health habits that you have control on, better health due to ending sleep apnea and snoring could be one easy sleep position change away.

Our lightweight, open cell viscoelastic memory foam material and anatomical teardrop design means easy maneuverability and maximum comfort and adaptability to each user.

All Teardrop Body Support Pillows come with a 60-day money back guarantee so you and your loved ones can experience them risk free.

Order 6″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (cream) for users 5’9″ or less
Order 7″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (blue) for users taller than 5’9″


Anti snore pillow moves back snorers toward side sleepers
Anti Snore Pillow

Teardrop Pillow 60 day money back guarantee