Best Pillow for Neck Pain

The best pillow for neck pain stabilizes the core low back, torso & neck
Best Pillow for Neck Pain

The Best Pillow for Neck Pain is a Body Pillow

When neck pain is experience, spinal imbalance exists. It is essential for recovery that the body rests and heals neutrally. Body position during sleep is often overlooked. Neck pillows get some attention, but the best pillow for neck pain is a body pillow. Teardrop Body Support Pillows stand out for health care professionals because they provide both torso support and leg spacing to ensure proper spinal alignment during sleep.

A proper neck pillow is important. Neck pain sufferers must first ensure a neutral spine, torso and lower neck.

The Teardrop Body Support Pillow provide maximum spinal aligment and body comfort. It’s lightweight, open cell viscoelastic memory foam material and anatomical teardrop design mean maneuverability, comfort and adaptability for each user.

Teardrop Body Support Pillows are designed by a chiropractor to support the low back and spine neutrally during sleep, and to compliment low back and neck pain prevention and treatment via chiropractic, massage therapy or physiotherapy.

Teardrop Body Support Pillows are used by chiropractors, massage therapists & physiotherapists.

All Teardrop Body Support Pillows come with a 60-day money back guarantee so you and your loved ones can experience them risk free.

Order 6″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (cream) for users 5’9″ or less
Order 7″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (blue) for users taller than 5’9″

Teardrop Pillow 60 day money back guarantee