best pillow for side sleepers supports low back, torso & neck
Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers Is a Body Pillow

Side sleeping is the desired position most recommended by health care professionals for the neck, low back and general health. When side sleep is properly supported, spinal alignment is maximized, spinal curves are supported and vital organs and airways are unobstructed. Sleep is deep, relaxing and comfortable allowing proper healing, repair and energy replenishment. To ensure spinal balance during sleep, the best pillow for side sleepers is a body pillow. Teardrop Body Support Pillows™ ensure that the low back, torso and lower neck are properly aligned and comfortably supported to work in concert with any supportive neck pillow.

Lower body alignment is thus vital for neck comfort and healing during sleep. This is why the best pillow for neck pain is a body pillow, as core body and torso alignment is often overlooked. People (and health care professionals) focus on the head and neck pillow without ensuring low back, torso and lower neck alignment.

Teardrop Body Support Pillows™ support the body core by providing key torso support and leg spacing resulting in maximum spinal aligment and body comfort. It’s lightweight, open cell viscoelastic memory foam material and anatomical teardrop design mean easy maneuverability and adaptability to each individual.

All Teardrop Body Support Pillows come with a 60-day money back guarantee so you and your loved ones can experience them risk free.

Order 6″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (cream) for users 5’9″ or less
Order 7″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (blue) for users taller than 5’9″

Teardrop Pillow 60 day money back guaranteeTeardrop Body Support Pillows™ are designed by a chiropractor to support the pelvis, low back and torso neutrally, and to compliment neck alignment during sleep. Used in chiropractic, massage & physiotherapy treatment and prevention protocols of all neck pain and low back pain conditions.