Sleeping on stomach position is the least recommended sleep position by health care professionals
Sleeping on Stomach

The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers is a Body Pillow

Sorry stomach sleepers… the sleeping on stomach position is the least recommended position by health care professionals, due mostly to neck pain, low back pain and general spine imbalance/instability. The best pillow for stomach sleepers is a properly supportive body pillow that brings the pelvis, low back, spine and neck back into alignment AND still maintains stomach pressure (a key habitual need for stomach sleepers). Chronic stomach sleep presents a very real physical challenge to the body’s alignment, health and function. Still, about 1 in 8 sleepers is a stomach sleeper due to the addictive nature of ‘stomach grounded-ness’ to the stomach sleeper. The key to helping stomach sleepers is to improve body alignment during sleep while maintaining stomach grounded-ness.

Why is Stomach Sleep A Problem?

Stomach sleeping unnaturally stresses the head, neck, shoulders, back and vital organs, yet is a difficult habit to correct. Due to the necessity for breathing, spinal alignment at the neck, shoulder, ribs and low back can never be neutral and thus creates stress. Stomach sleepers, the best pillow for neck pain is a Teardrop Body Support Pillow, as proper core alignment of the head, neck and upper back is vital.

The best pillow for stomach sleepers provides better neutral positioning & stomach support
The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Why Teardrop Body Pillows Work – 2 Comfortable Corrective Stages

The Teardrop Body Support Pillow angles stomach sleepers off of their stomachs (see image at right) while at the same time maintaining a stomach grounded comfort. This position is referred to as a ‘staggered sleep position,’ as it is staggered between stomach and side sleep. It is a comfortable first step towards habit correction for the stomach sleeper.

Stomach sleepers can then easily progress and soon make ‘supported side sleep’ their dominant sleep position (also, the most recommended sleep position – see ‘About Side Sleeping‘‘). Teardrop Body Support Pillows conveniently support both staggered and side sleep positions, so additional body support pillows are not necessary for each stage. Throughout the corrective process (stomach to side sleep) the stomach grounded sensation is maintained, thus former stomach sleepers remain comfortable and satisfied. They are unlikely to revert back to stomach sleeping.

All Teardrop Body Support Pillows come with a 60-day money back guarantee so you and your loved ones can experience them risk free.

Teardrop Body Support Pillows are made of light weight viscoelastic memory foam and are currently available in 2 sizes:

Sleeping on stomach is corrected using Teardrop Body Support Pillow
Sleeping on Stomach Corrected

Order 6″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (cream) for users 5’9″ or less
Order 7″ Teardrop Body Support Pillow (blue) for users taller than 5’9″

 Teardrop Pillow 60 day money back guarantee